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    I have been using xrumer profile links for a while. I usually blast 12.000 to a single URL in one shot.

    Single 12.000 K blast
    - This is beneficial for older url/older page which has existing backlinks, usually rankings is up for older url/older page which has existing backlinks
    - Rankings for newer url/page with no existing backlinks is usually up after a blast but will gradually down after some time, some times rankings can be extremely down for 5 pages or more.

    - It seems like that Google is more tolerant to older urls/pages with existing backlinks.Rankings for older urls/pages is more suistanable.
    - A single 12.000 K blast to a newer page/url with no backlinks will raise alert to Google filters . Rankings for this url/page will be up for a while before G penalize/drop them down, it seems like G often ignore massive influx of links to a newer page/url with no existing backlinks.

    Instead of putting 12.000 links to a single page/url in one shot, I will have to do it gradually , probably 1000 links per week over three month period = 12.000 links after three months.
    G will then see those links as legit and will count them in.

    1st 1000 links, week 1 . G:uhmm let's up ranking for this url/page for a while. I will analyze this url/page later.
    2nd 1000 links, week 2 . G:Uhmm , Links to this url/page is probably legit.
    3rd 1000 links, week 3 . G:More legit, ranking is up
    4th 1000 links, week 4 . G:More legit, ranking is up
    5th-12th links, week 5 - 12. Ranking is up, up and up again.

    I haven't tried the gradual approach for newer URL/page but it seems to make sense. Is this the better way to do it?.Is my analysis correct? Suggestions and comments please.