xrumer for begginers

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by mishka, Dec 16, 2010.

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    May 25, 2010
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    i never used xrumer and thinking of buying it.
    is there a screenshots or guides for it somewhere?

    whats the difficulty to use it? do i need PHP? or just how to find url lists?

    can anyone elaborate what are the difficulties on it, it would be really helpful.

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    Hi there,

    Looks like your very new to BHW, welcome and congratulations for joining the best SEO forum on the internet! :)

    There is plenty of information about xrumer here on BHW, use the "advanced search" option to get the information you need about xrumer. The following links might help you out a bit:


    Although I am not an expert on xrumer, I can say that there are many benefits for your site, but also many risks. If you're planning in getting xrumer services from members on here, read all the reviews made on their services. Also if complaints have been made against the xrumer service providers, make sure they have been resolved.

    It also depends on whether your site is fresh (it has been live for a short time) or it has been around for a while (for example, over 12 months). If your site is relatively new, start off with a very small blast. You don't want your new site going straight into the Google sandbox before you have got anywhere. Or just do normal link building via social networking, bookmarking, link exchanges for a while, while your site is aging, then decide on getting these blasts done.

    I hope that I have helped you in some way, however I'm not an xrumer expert so make sure you look around here on BHW for someone who is an xrumer expert.

    To anyone that is reading this thread: My advice is gathered from the basic information I have seen on here so far. Please correct me if I am wrong. I myself am thinking of getting an xrumer blast on one of my sites and have been doing a little bit of research on BHW.