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    I'm brand new to Xrumer, so I'm seeking advice from you experts out there. I have a few sites that I don't care about rankings on at all. I'm interested only in getting direct traffic through forum marketing, blog commenting and whatever other means I can use that does not involve Google at all. So I'm not concerned about rankings, backlinks, 2nd and 3rd tier sites, link wheels etc. I want to drive traffic directly to my money site with no regard for Google whatsoever. But since I'm choosing to do it this way, I need to approach this in a different way then I would if I was just building backlinks. I can't just drop a spammy link in a blog comment and move on to the next, I need my postings and forum sigs etc. to be compelling and natural looking enough to get real targeted traffic directly from those links, while at the same time maintaining a high enough level of automation so I can post to thousands of forums, blogs etc, targeted to my niche. So here are my questions:

    Do you think Xrumer is the best tool for what I'm trying to do?

    Any advice on best practices for creating profiles for my purposes? Should I just create a bunch of profiles with no sig at first, or create them with a sig right away? Should I wait a while before posting anything?

    Any other tips on how to pull off what I'm trying to do?

    Thanks in advance for any advice. I'm happy to share my results with everyone.