Xrumer: Email activation during the blast after the orginal blast

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    Hi guys,

    Currently I'm using gmail accounts for my xrumer profile blasts that are forwarded to a central pop3 account located on one of my servers. The problem is that a few thousand verification emails arrive after the blast has been completed and these profiles are not activated. However when I start a second blast the emails that were delivered after the first blast are automatically downloaded by xrumer (same central pop3 account).

    I'm wondering if xrumer is able to activate these emails and edit the profile as specified in the first blasts profile ('use url x as homepage'). Or am I wrong and does Xrumer edit the profile before the activation email is sent and thus the profiles only require email activation?

    Hope you guys can help me out and tell me whether my current way of working is OK or that I need to undertake further action to get my profiles activated. Thanks!