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Jan 24, 2008
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I was going to sell this in BST Section but Blackhatworld is not accepting new products so I'm giving the simple addon away to the first 10 BHW members that download it (the offer will auto expire after 10 downloads).

Please only download if you have and currently use XRumer. I'm doing this to encourage other users of XRumer to develop and release mods and addons for XRumer and HRefer whether for free or for profit.

Also if interested in getting your XRumer/HRefer related products to the public either for free or for profit please contact PM me for vendor access.

Use coupon code "bhwmembers" at checkout @ http://www.xrumermods.com
It wasn't working before casinojack posted but I thought it was me being too late.
Not sure what the issue is. Please try it now. Also for those that signed up with email addresses I'll email the script to you. Please do not share or sell. Thanks.

emails sent :)
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Didn't work for me either. Would definatley like to try this out as I just got xrumer.
I was in as a guest. Im going to pass as is not really useful for me, but nice share
Thanks for the share, but it seems pretty useless if you ask me.

Anyway it might be usefull for some people...
I'm interested in getting a copy of this. Please send me a link to get Xrumer Control Center. Thanks!
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