Xrumer answer that is widely known, but not by me or the search button ;)

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    Mod: if against rule 3.3 please delete. I am unclear how close to the line this may draw.

    How are you guys getting your Xrumer decaptcher services funded? I've spent a year or more using it - but only with the base captcha engine. I want to get a paid service up and running before 7's release - but every credit card I've looked for - even the prepaid cards won't send funds to available funding agencies. I've switched banks, tried the ones you can find in grocery stores and Walmart, etc. - they are all blocked.

    So how is it done. Searched but either couldn't get a keyword that gave the desired result or everyone else is able to do it without problems. (Or I'm a dick for asking this in public, lol.)

    Thanks guys
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