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    Botmaster finally released another update today, Now all us xrumer users can just hit a button to create hotmail accounts and it actually works!

    Seems be posting way faster, much better performance and they have broken even more captchas.

    added more engines, and finally looks like they have the damn email activation problem fixed, Bout time!

    + the program is trained to 25 new types of graphical captcha:


    + added new email service on Hotmail.com + automatic registration of mailboxes on Hotmail.com. At registration captcha is recognized and entered automatically, and mailbox is configured in appropriate mode.

    + added new checked and filtered databases, giving thousands of successfully registered profiles:
    • All_Profiles_03_2013.txt - full database of profiles, contains more than 190.000 links
    • Eng_Profiles_03_2013.txt - English database of profiles, contains more than 135.000 links
    • Rus_Profiles_03_2013.txt - Russian database of profiles, contains more than 49.000 links
    • All_Topics_03_2013.txt - database for topic creation, more than 7.900 links
    • Ucoz_test.txt - Demonstrative checked database of Ucoz with high success rate

    + improved processing of engines:

    • Drupal
    • Ucoz
    • DLE

    + the program is trained to new engines:

    • PHP Link Directory, footprint - "Powered by: PHP Link Directory" inurl:submit.php
    • RicarGBooK 1.2, footprint - "Powered by RicarGBooK" inurl:sign.php
    • Easy PHP Guestbook, footprint - "Powered by The Easy PHP Guestbook" inurl:guestbook.html
    • Gallery, footprint "Add Comment" inurl:q=gallery
    • TikiWiki, footprint "Powered by TikiWiki" inurl:view_forum_thread.php
    • Datso Gallery, footprint "Your comment" inurl[​IMG]ption=com_datsogallery inurl:func=detail
      "Your comment" inurl[​IMG]ption=com_datsogallery inurl:func=detail
    • INDEXU 5.4.0, footprint "Powered by INDEXU" inurl:register.php

    + the syntax of xpop.txt file was extended. A new section [SSL] was added, which describes a list of properties, which will be activated to connect to pop-protocol through SSL-connection
    + also was extended syntax of xurl.txt
    + ignore logic of submit buttons is stored now in logic file : xbuttons.txt
    + now supports Base64 format, at email downloading for activation
    + content of file textcaptcha_forbidden.txt was improved
    + Improved decoding of DLE type captcha on Ucoz
    + Added footprints for registration on BBPress
    + restored the possibility of posting in livejournal.com/update.bml ("from earlier registered user" mode)
    + in "Database analyzer" added support of regular expressions,
    Syntax - regex['expression'];
    regular expressions in this tool are processed with (i) flag, means case insensitive
    example of usage:
    regex['vBulletin.{1,10}Version 3.8.\d{1,2}' - will search all sites, where in content is used "vbulletin .... version 3.8.*"
    + also there, added random substitution of user-agents from \LogicFiles\Default\x_user_agent.txt
    + added special warnings, preventing new users from most common mistakes
    + in Scheduling system added new event "ReCapctha service banned IP", as well as action "Run additional posting on "The rest"database"
    + adjusted language set for macros #trans
    + also was fixed processing of macros #trans in Mass-PM mode
    + the work of Mass-PM mode on DLE and phpBB was optimized
    + Corrected a bug at synchronization in modules anonymity and reporting
    + success rate on Phoca Guestbook was improved
    + saving links to registered profiles on Drupal engine was improved
    + on Ucoz fixed bug due to which nickname being prescribed instead of topic
    + saving profiles on Ucoz was improved
    + also was improved processing of links, executed through JS "Window.Open"
    + processing of macros #xgrab was improved
    + fixed a problem with function FileSizeCheck, because of which were incorrectly processed path longer than 128 characters, by reason of specific of Windows OS
    + improved login of ignoring of hidden form
    + in Scheduler system added the ability to generate schedule by template
    + increased the stability Scheduler system
    + if the link is obtained from mailbox at activation, and with it passed username and password - such links are now stored in Registered Accounts.txt report
    + Added logging debug of textual captcha used, for subsequent optimization of algorithm - stored in the file "! TC_SpecLog.txt"
    + fixed "Access violation" error, was appearing at the start of program, if login and pass was not specified
    + A bug in the tool "Counting the number of links from file" was fixed
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    Indeed.... :cool: