XRumer 7.07 Elite RELEASED

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  1. bluegarden

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    May 7, 2010
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    + Significantly increased processing of SMF and phpBB3
    + Added new macros #trans...#notrans, increasing targeting several times

    + Login in process was fixed
    + The error "GIF Circular table ..." was fixed. It appear when getting incorrect picture of captcha
    + Increased the limit of attempts on annualized page (till 28 attempts)
    + Software was trained to solve new DLE captcha
    + The possibilities of macros #grabbed were extended. Now it's possible to use same variables like in #file_links macros (for example: #grabbed, #grabbed[N] и #grabbed[L])
    + Mode for logging time of parsing each link has improved. This option is used to analyze and to optimize a database. It can be enabled from xuser.ini file LogRuntime=1 in section [AdvOptions]. Gathered information about time spent to analyze each link, timeout, number of attempts to decode capthca etc. is stored in file \Logs\LogRuntime id*.txt. The aim of this mode is to optimize most ?narrow? parts of program?s code and to increase final speed of posting.
    + Processing SMF engines was improved
    + Error "List index out of bounds" was fixed. This error appears in situation when option ?Load avatar at profile editing? is enable but avatars are missing or are damaged.
    + Increased the success rate SMF engine by decoding special captcha from topic creation / reply form
    + Increased % of generated links to RLinksList for SMF
    + The GIFImage bug from anticaptcha module was fixed
    + Additionally was improved decoding of captcha SMF_Rotate
    + Error at saving/uploading of options for ?Antispam? mode was fixed
    + The program was trained to new type of engine (shop-script.ru, example: cosmetic-pro.com.ua/product/opi-brights-nlb24-blue-my-mind-15-ml/reviews/). Also the software is trained to decode the captcha from this type of engine.
    + Process of editing and saving of profiles on IPB, MyBB, SMF
    + Bug of topic creation in non-existing category and with ?Post ONLY if these categories exist ? otherwise skip? option is enabled now is fixed. Now the topic will not be created if the category is not in list of priority categories.
    + improved information from threads monitoring window, now it?s possible to receive more detailed information about each thread.
    + Trained for posting in Amiro CMS (100% bypass of JAVA ? protection for auto-posting), example of engine: - everyday.wmsite.ru/gostevaja-kniga, trezvost-super.ru/comment, but for better success rate it?s recommended to e used macros #gennick in Nickname filed of project.
    + program can now bypass latest JAVA protection of phpBB engine (Examples: phpBB-fr.com, Solaris phpBB theme)
    + improved algorithm for bypass of JAVA protections
    + fixed some important bugs in work with RLinksList ? according to this success rate for using this mode is increased
    + increased quality of content parsing for ?AntiSpam? module from SMF engine.
    + improved work with MyBB engine, increased success rate of profile creation in it.
    + to program was added tool ?convert links to index? from Hrefer - MakeToIndex.ini; it?s used in ?Links post processing?, so rules of converting of links to index can be changed in external .ini file (same as in Hrefer)
    + To MakeToIndex.ini was added rule for MyBB engine
    + Program can bypass now captcha from zenPHOTO engine (footprints of this engine - "Powered by zenPHOTO" "Add a comment")
    + In mail processing settings was added button ?Download mails immediately? and settings for session duration time.
    + Fixed bug with email downloading at usage of RLinksList - mode
    + logo of XRumer was changed
    + Improved mechanism of collective learning of text CAPTCHA, so according to our test, from version 7.07 of XRumer, program daily will be collectively trained up to 1000 new text CAPTCHA?s, and according to this success rate will be higher with each day of usage.
    + New types of SFM engine captchas (with various fonts) was learned by XRumer OCR.
    + Fixed bug with creation of accounts on SLAED CMS engine.
    + Temporary is turned on logging of process of text CAPTCHA?s decoding to - Debug\TextCaptchas.txt file.
    + improved algorithm of decoding of text CAPTCHA?a
    + added hidden option ProfileMeansSuccess=1 (in fail xuser.ini, section [AdvOptions]), by default it?s ON ? if profile was created succeseful, but there is not enough privileges for topic creation (on may forums it?s forbidden for fresh registered users), link is added to Success log with comment ?profile success created?
    + fixed posting of UTF-8 content on egines which uses by default UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1 encoding.
    + Now it?s possible selection of gender at profile editing, according to setting from Project.
    + For better index of profiles was implemented auto-prescription of birth date on the next day after registration: it is spelled out in xas.txt special macros [DAY_TOMORROW] and [MONTH_TOMORROW]
    + Memory leaks in several modules of the program are fixed
    + Creation of links to the profile is corrected
    + Added the possibility to disable the rating system for proxy / socks (option "Enable rating system *" in the proxy settings - through menu)
    + Bug with leak of memory in interface was fixed
    + "Postprocessing? tool improved to convert link with multiple "/./" into normal URL
    + List of User Agents was corrected (x_user_agent.txt)
    + Algorithm of captcha decoding for phpBB3 was improved
    + Bug with creation of RLinksList database was fixed
    + Improved logic of registration and logging on VBulletin
    + The restriction of number of rows in the list of resources at training of textual CAPTCHA module was removed.
    + During training of new textual captcha is created a service log for debug - Debug\TextCaptchasLearn.txt
    + In settings for email download was added new option ?to not reduce number of threads at email downloading?
    + for macros #trans set up of "domain zone - langusge" can be made through external file Translate\ZoneLanguages.txt. Please report all founded bugs.
    + fixed bug with cache of file content of macros #file . If it?s needed to receive each time a new result about link it?s necessary to add in xuser.ini following line: URLLOAD_CASHTIME=0, and syntaxes of macros should be : #file="http://your_domain/your_page.php?rnd=#random[100000000..999999999]". ATTENTION : This can significantly reduce speed of posting!
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  2. ziplack

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    Feb 18, 2010
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    looks good.
    Using more resources do.
  3. bluegarden

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    May 7, 2010
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    i'm testing it right now
  4. bluelou

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    May 11, 2011
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    I love uou,bluegarden
  5. Fr33d0m

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    Aug 26, 2011
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    This looks so amazing, how are the tests going?
  6. balas

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    Feb 9, 2009
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    seo specialist
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    Huge increase in profiles it creates + some ugly bugs removed.

    I love it :)
  7. bobbys

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    Oct 29, 2008
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    Google Assault
    I've noticed a drop off in the number of profiles being indexed by google and those
    showing in yahoo site explorer. Anyone else notice a similar phenomena?
  8. moshi

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    Jul 19, 2011
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    My question might be slightly off-topic, but I'm going to ask anyways :)

    Does Xrumer do captcha-protected blogengine posts? If it does, what is the average success rate?
  9. Ranko Jones

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    Mar 3, 2011
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    I've been finding they index fine and show in YSE but don't have any effect then after like several weeks I start to dance violently effectively out of serps (though still indexed). So there seems to be some sort of delayed response in place.

    I have still yet to see POSITIVE serp results from this :(.