Xrumer 2 install per month quesiton

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    what are the rules with moving xrumer to another machine. I bought one vps a few months ago and installed xrumer so for this one its been over a month since I installed it, but I recently installed it again on another a dedi so Im using both copies. The second one I did only a week or so ago. Now I want to drop the original vps which I installed xrumer over a month ago and install it on a new vps. is this ok or do I have to wait a month since the most recent install?

    Ie is the month waiting period discreet between each install or only since the most recent install?

    If the former I can get a new vps now, if the latter Ill have to wait almost a month [​IMG]
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    May 15, 2012
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    I'm pretty sure it's based off when you install it, that's when it generates the hardware id and key.lic. So you should be able to install it on another VPS. If in doubt, you can always contact support.