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Xrumer 12.0.7 is out

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by BLabs, Sep 14, 2014.

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  1. BLabs

    BLabs Regular Member Premium Member

    Oct 28, 2009
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    List of changes and improvements made in XRumer 12.0.7

    + Significantly improved decoding of ReCaptcha
    In addition, the program was trained to recognize and to decode 10 new types of graphical captcha:


    + improved success rate at work with some guestbooks with following footprints:
    ? inurl:".php?messagePage=1" "G?stebuch"
    ? inurl:"/index.php?site=news_comments"
    ? inurl:"/index.php?site=guestbook" action=add
    ? inurl:"/guestbook/index.php?do=add_form"
    ? inurl:"/Message/index.asp?page="
    ? inurl:"/guestbook/" "*Enter code, from image: ==>"
    ? inurl:"/gb/" "*Enter code from image: ==>"
    ? inurl:"/Shownews.asp?id="

    + added new option to protect Mods against illegal copy. In menu ?Modification ? Encode current mod??
    + updated automatic email registration on Mail.ru, Yandex.ru, Hotmail.com (Outlook.com)
    + fixed problem of saving in \FieldsForAI\Log.txt of fields with already known textual captcha.
    + improved processing of corrupted posting forms
    + fixed minor bugs in XRumer Lite version
    + improved the work of Mass-PM for last version of engines IPB and Vbulletin 4
    + improved editing of profiles on engine "AV Arcade"
    + adjusted processing of guest books with footprints:
    + fixed bug at saving in Debug folder of images decoded in Anticaptcha /Manualcaptcha
    +improved decoding of captcha on Asian resources
    + improved processing of Cyrillic links
    + adjusted the work of macros #file and #file_links with parameter URLLOAD_CASHTIME=0
    + fixed bugs and made improvements in interface of software
    + improved work in Mass-PM mode at posting in Vbulletin 4
    + fixed bug at filtering of duplicated links, beginning with https://
    + fixed similar bug in databases filtering by parameters tool and in database analyzer tool
    + adjusted xurl.txt
    + added possibility to work with http://blogs.yandex.ru/add.xml
    + updated x_user_agent.txt
    + adjusted the authorization module
    + adjusted the message of IP ban by ReCaptcha service
    + was open again the possibility to send new textual captcha on server of Botmaster Labs (for future contest)
    + optimized textual captcha database

    Soon will be released for all Soc Plugin (which was in beta test only on forum)
    And New Blog Creator/commenting etc tool!
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