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    I plan on purchasing xGram tomorrow. Would love to have zeno or whoever is in charge of support PM me with their skype details so I can have a few questions answered before I pull the trigger.

    Just to get a few things straight I figure I may as well ask the community also.

    1. How many accounts per proxy are able to be created. I have seen some people making as many as ten accounts to one proxy and some people saying they only create one account per proxy. I am looking for a number that is going to maximize profit for money spent but also limit the risk of the accounts being banned.

    2. Could anyone suggest the best pricing on quality proxies for the managing of instagram accounts. I have found proxies that I believe would be sufficient for 1$-1.75 per month. Is this reasonable?

    3. What is the best value on a VPS for running the operation and where should I purchase it. I saw a VPS for around 35-40$ a month that looks like it would be sufficient for my needs.

    4. Besides xGram, Proxies, a VPS, and hosting/domain, is there anything else I am missing in a smooth start up on Instagram?

    5. Are people having success building a sales funnel with an email optin? I mean as far as building a list goes, is it viable using xGram? I would imagine one could create a well targeted list using instagram traffic if executed correctly. Am I misleading myself with this?

    6. Of course theres so many variables this one is impossible to answer accurately, but, if one was to create a pretty smooth operation how much money ( estimate, avg ) could one expect using lets say 100 proxies and just for this purpose only, lets say 7 accounts per proxy totalling 700 instagram accounts using CPA ?

    7. I have seen some people claiming to be making upwards of 500$ a day using xGram, is this far-fetched or legit?

    8. Anyone using Excel to keep track of instagram accounts/ campaign success/ proxies/ etc to keep everything organized? If there is another viable option what is it?

    9. Is there any xGram and or instagram guides worth the time to study/master at the moment in preparation to starting the business?

    10. How much traffic are people averaging a day per account on average~700 accounts still~ ( also know this is near impossible to answer, but examples are sufficient) - kinda wondering if the baby plan on host gator is gonna handle my business after all this.

    11. As far as watermarks go, do they all have to be done manually or is there a program/bot that will go through the photos used in xGram and automatically add the URL ? I have read that some people are getting as much as 1/3 to 1/4 more traffic from the watermark alone so this is certainly something that is worth the effort either way.

    I think that covers most of my general questions, I know - I am a needy person at the moment, haha. Just wanted to go ahead the thank the hell outta anyone that takes a shot at answering some of my questions ahead of time. I really do appreciate it.

    T i m Baxa

    :cool: sorry guys -was really bored and messed up when at the time of this post!
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    1. depends on the quality of your proxies. If not many people in yoru IP range are creating account, then up to 10 will be fine. You will need to test this yourself, on different proxy providers.

    2. I use, proxies that cost $1

    3. VPS doesn't need to be that powerful, as xgram doesn't use that many resources. I can run xgram on my home machine fine at 100 threads!

    4. That's it!

    5. That is a good idea that I haven't tried yet. Never really tried the mailing route myself.

    6. As you said, nobody can answer that. Depends on quality of proxies/accounts, your method, landing page, and your CPA offer.

    7. With a huge ammount accounts I'm sure those numbers can be true.

    8. Yes I use exel for everything

    9. Read my beginners guide found in this forum.

    10. Baby plan on hostgator will be fine

    11. xgram itself scrapes, downloads, watermarks, and uploads the images
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    Sending PM now, thanks for that reply Jerome.