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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by cowsgonemadd3, Jan 29, 2010.

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    Okay so I made a Xfactor site recently and I included a link to the product on Amazon. As in I talked about a good product and then said they could get it on Amazon but I also have a adsense block on the site.

    I was told I did not "pre-sell" enough....

    With a Xfactor site do I need to just have basic filler content and not talk about any particular product or would I have better results speaking and actually trying to sell a product on Amazon and worrying about adsense 2nd?

    What would you suggest?
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    Depends on your goal. A true "X Factor" site has adsense as a main goal, not Amazon. He recently added Amazon as a backup plan in case something ever happened to his adsense income. However, when you read his ebook and his threads, he doesn't presell so much as rewrite articles containing product specs and reviews.

    His sites are always specific products, to my knowledge. At least based on what he goes by in his ebook. maybe he's made a recent update that I've missed...