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    Hey guys,

    well I have been trying to find out the way those people create and sell accounts loaded with Microsoft points (virtual money - download games and stuff) for way below the normal price. Basically, they buy those Microsoft points on the xbox website and sell them for way less.

    They never use the same credit card, It is always a different one and they tell you to use it within 24 hours or the points will disappear. There are no people getting banned from this and also if you contact MS about it, they will tell you even after weeks that the CC was valid.

    here is an example on one of the websites:
    tradetang - type in the search ''xbox 6000''

    Also you can look them up on ebay.

    I have bought a couple a while ago, many other people did also. There are hundreds of sellers in each country now, ebay as well. Now I am wondering how they do it.

    If anyone has some ideas, please let me know here or in a pm.