Xbox Amazon Affiliate site, looking for a good partner.

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by Apposl, Dec 4, 2011.

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    Hey all,

    There is some competition, but I still think I can wedge myself in with some unique content which I have planned. I am and plan on doing everything mostly myself, with the help of a few friends - females, LOL. But I'd love an experienced WordPress or marketing/SEO guy willing to partner up.

    Have to be reputable on here. I can work up to 50/50 share but will scale based on your willingness to be involved. I would prefer a full 50/50 partner who will invest time in the website. I'm obviously a newbie, and this is my one first effort, and so I am learning everything I can from it, and I've already made one sale, so the itch is there. ;-) I'm really not looking for someone who is just going to be an invisible SEO guy spamming backlinks across the net and just adding half of my income to his for little effort, so please be into gaming, or SOMETHING, with a bit of passion/interest for this. Site is obviously a work in progress, only up a month now, and I'm not really a coder, so getting it where it is has taken some effort on my part. ;-) But I'm a fast learner, especially when I can see results like I can through analytics and sales. Not that I'm saying I'm hitting any record numbers- not at all, but I can see the results of my work and it's exciting.

    Anyway, we're at BestKinectGame dot com if you're interested. Thanks guys!
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    Looks like the site is down.