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    Hi gang, I am in need of hiring someone to "build" me a toolbar that I can use away on my site. I have neither the time nor inclination to learn another software program so am looking to outsource this project. Please PM with your fees for up to 5 variations/options. Have looked at Conduit.net and BESTTOOLBARS.net using the "server mode" option so that I can use it to "push" recipients back to main site with new offers(RSS?).
    Basically I am looking for a "clean" (non warez/workable forever) toolbar that allows for options, weather, radio stations (the recipient to have access to the radio stations of their choice that are available to them on the net), rss feeds from my site to update new merchandise choices, possibly with site tracking ability built in so that we can do "market research"/tracking and offer them whatever it is they are searching for in their net searches, so that we can offer same at my store.
    Would like to see samples of work, will pay you by PayPal.
    Any feedback/suggestions from the BHW community is certainly welcome as I am always willing to make it more effective better/more legit for the end user. Anyone that has tips on what was helpful in their use of toolbars or where they got it done please respond.