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    I just installed Ultimate Referrals Mod on my IPB 2.3.6.
    Component is set up as tht: when an user reffer someone else they get x number of points. I need someone to code a little change on the script that the member will be placed in pending mode till that that members make y number of posts
    If you have experience with IPB coding shouldn;t take too much time

    Solution: Change that on creation account to place it with status 1(pending) and then create a task that will be run daily .if a member have 20 posts then change status to 2 (active) and send msg to affiliate that he got a new member in downline and also credit his points.

    Thank you in advance
    P.S. Please show me in PMB relevant past work experience/demos with IPB

    As I have a lot of things on my had If I find someone relieble here Id like to outsurce more of my projects