[WTH] PHP Coder! Small Job! Need It Quick!

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    In need of a php coder to do 2 contact us style forms and intigrate them into a website!

    1st is a simple contact us form (you could probably just uplaod a script and configure it) which needs placing in two places on the site (outside members area and inside) but on the inside it needs to grab the users ********** and member name (less visable forms)

    The second is an order form which is slightly more complicated as it has more fields but ideally i want it to also grab the name and ********** of the user and also their paypal transaction id and **********.

    Then around 8 forms after that which just give them the option to write in text!

    Finnally the order form needs to then send an ********** to my ********** on submit and preferably add some html code before and after the $print of that specific box to make things quicker my end.

    I would imagine this is very very simple but need it quickly (within 24 hours max) and as secure as possible (you can do the security after the 24 hours if the form will still work then!

    Oh and the script ive got this installed on and that it needs integrating with is easymemberpro!

    Let me know your job rate (im not willing to pay per hour) and i can send you the login details to cpanel etc


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    Can you try sending me details via pm and taking care the **** donot appear?