[WTH] Part time sales assistant - US-based - 1 hour a day

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    I'm looking to hire a part time sales assistant who would help us (a young startup) qualify our incoming leads.

    The process looks something like this:

    1) A lead comes in, in the form of a demo request.
    2) You will call the lead within 1 hour (during US business hours) to qualify them (5-minute call)
    3) If you don't get through then you keep chasing over phone and email once per day until you do.
    4) Once a lead is qualified, you schedule a demo in a sales rep's calendar.

    Currently, the volume is super low (around 2-3 new leads per week), so it requires only 30-60 minutes a day of work, but you'd need to be available during US business hours as it's super important to call new leads as soon as they come in.

    But we're actively growing, so if you're someone who can handle more volume if needed and potentially become a full-time staff member at some stage, that's an added benefit.

    You'll need to be US-based and a native English speaker.

    If you're interested, send me a PM with some information about yourself, an approximate of what you'd ask for (in terms of remuneration) and we'll talk!