WTH: Non verified CL hotmail provider

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    Oct 24, 2009
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    I am looking for a dependable seller who can provided me non verified CL hotmail accounts on a weekly basis.

    Again this must be hotmail craigslist accounts that just needs to be verified.

    - Must be done with unique ips
    - US ips
    - Dependable (I order 100s - 1000s weekly)

    I am looking for a good rate as I will be a repeat buyer.

    Need someone ASAP as I currently have a provider but they aren't able to keep up with the demand that I need.

    If you can do this please pm me the following:

    Rate per 1k
    Time frame when ordering 1-5k at a time
    Payment methods accepted
    Creation description (a bit about your process)

    Looking for a reputable seller.