[WTH] Need simple help on PHP & CPA - Paypal on the spot

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    Oct 26, 2010
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    Hello B-Hatters,

    I need someone to guide and teach me on some minor PHP file in the facebook script application. Dont worry about the facebook application because i have everything with me.

    It is a Reward Gift Application with the below features:
    - Fans can buy coins to redeem gift
    - CPA offer to get free coins
    - Viral advertising

    So what do i need then?
    - Help me to check the redeem.php file
    - Help me to check my CPA setup (since i'm new to CPA)
    - and some minor issues

    Should you interested, please PM me then i will forward you with the facebook application link so that you can test it first in order to get more understanding. Once you have tested it, do let me know your price for this simple work.

    Thanks & Cheers!
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