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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by korfx04, Jul 6, 2010.

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    I Can not get a backlink in google to save my life from hell. i have 5,027 in yahoo, 18 in bing, 23 in Alexa and n/a in google wth am i doing wrong? only tool i'm using is scrapebox

    my idexed pages in google is 1,640
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    Google hardly every shows your backlinks. What I do to see if they are indexed is use something unique that I can search for when creating a link. If it is an article or wpmu post I use a unique phrase, if it is profile link I use a unique username.

    Then I can do a search for that unique username or phrase and see how many pages with my links are actually indexed. The number you find will be a lot more than what Google is showing when you do a Link: search

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    Yes Google doesn't like to show a lot of links. Check out backlinkwatch.com to see all of your backlinks. Oh and just because your links don't show up in Google doesn't mean that they aren't taken into consideration.
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    If your that far down in google you might want to try a more quality centered approach.

    Write a few very targeted authoritive articles an get them accepted to some of the article directories. If they don't let you backlink in the articles themselves, at least list your actual url as a reference or source for the article, and of course use your link in the website box for your article submission. If they do allow backlinks then be sure to include a couple links anchored to your keywords in the article itself.

    Also set up some profiles on myspace and include a link to the site on your profile page, add a bunch of friends and then post on their comments include your url as text and also a backlink anchored to your keyword. Add some FB profiles and then search for any pages or groups somewhat targeted to your niche and post some backlinks there as well. Do the same thing on several other profile type sites. Profile links are usually fairly low value, but you can increase their value by doing that.

    Search for blogs that are very targeted to your niche, so that you can actually have some good targeted comments (including your backlink) that might still be accepted as is.

    Do the same on any authority type site you can think of, higher pr the better. Include a backlink in whatever method is allowed on the site.

    This type of backlinking is more time consuming, but you don't need as many. Continue you regular backlinking campaign going for quantity and automate it as much as you want, but also try to manually include some amount of these quality links as well.

    No gaurantee this will get you onto the first page, but it should still help you to move up quite a bit.