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    Rgd: Server Upload Issues - 2 Almost Identitcal Server

    Hi guys, I got a question.

    I got 2 Identical Servers, identical as in they both use suPHP, and run the same apache version, setup with cpanel/whm.

    I then got a h264 video file.

    Lets name my 2 servers as "Old" and "New" server.

    I upload the same "video" file to old server & new server.

    Which then when i play my video, my "replicate" server will fetch from old server by wget and then stream the video. all things went well. video start streaming after a few seconds of buffer .

    But when i upload the same file to the new server.

    Using the same replicate server, video will only stream after it "fully buffered", both have the same setting in whm. I not sure whats really went wrong.

    Same video file
    Same video player (jw player)
    Same upload method
    Same replicate server

    Old server - play instantly after few seconds of buffer and buffer while playing
    New server - play only after fully buffered the video.

    What could be the issue, iptables was stop, php setting totally same.

    I tried upload using FTP, same case. could it be file permission issue? But my "replicate" server able fetch the file from "New" server but then when play from the replicate, the file seems damaged or something, only play after fully buffered.

    Payment: $20
    Mode: Paypal

    - No server details will be given, you have to pm me the solution and i will try it out -

    I will announce here if the issue is fixed , else this work is on-going.