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    I'm currently working on a big new project and I need quotes for costs to give to my investors. So if you can do any of the following please send me your rates and I may hire you:

    1) Experienced SEO - I want to pay monthly as a long term job. So send me you rates. You need to have experience and portfolio/examples of your work. I expect you to have all the tools, labor, and knowledge that you need to get me to rank for a competitive keyword. I'm not looking to rank for the main keywords so much as long tail keywords, or whatever works to bring in targeted traffic. To make it easier for I will have lots of fresh, unique, quality content, and the site will be very legitimate so it's not like you will be promoting some crap site. Google will love my site as long you do a good job at SEO. I would do it myself, but I'd rather hire someone to do it better. Let me know prices.
    (I also will need to be able to consult you about seo and onsite seo)

    2) Webdesigner - I need someone who can code, is good with wordpress, and is great with graphics. I need you to create and customize a wordpress blog to be integrated with a forum and buddypress/WPMU with a universal custom WP theme that looks good. You can have a graphics designer do the theme part for you but if I pay you both I will expect to pay you both less individually than I would one person doing it all. You need to be able to make the site custom to my need, it won't be anything crazy just what I said about plus a few small customizations. I will need to see samples of you work. PM me prices.

    3) Writer - You need to be able to write about any niche at a high quality and be able to produce A LOT of articles. My initial order will be 100 articles of 500-750 words (with a reasonable deadline) Then I will hopefully keep hiring you to be a staff writer. I will need samples of your writing, PM me prices.

    4) Social Media Marketer - Have a large twitter, facebook, or social network following? Good at Digg, YouTube, StumbleUpon marketing? PM me I may be interested in hiring you (especially YouTubers)

    More jobs may be posted here soon. I will also be setting up a WTB thread in the WTB section that I will link to from here as well.

    Thanks and I hope we can do business together. :)
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    Please PM me.Interested here. I can do SEO Social Media and Writer