[WTH] Copy n' Paste Job and Graphics/Logo Design


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Nov 1, 2009
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I'm starting a new website and I need to hire somebody to copy and paste some embed codes and text into my site. You don't need any skills what-so-ever. I will make a video explain every step to doing this. This is possibly a long term job depending on if my site takes of and if I like your work. You will get $0.20 per post. You can easily knock out a ton in a short amount of time. Payment by paypal.

I also need a logo for my website. It needs to say the name of my website on it and have a little logo. My website already has a logo, but it sucks and I made it in 2 minutes. So, I basically need a way better version of that. PM for site URL. PM me with your rates. Payment by paypal. If I like your work, I might have another graphics design job for you.

I m also interested in YouTube services, social bookmarking service, and twitter services BTW. I will post more jobs soon!
Ok, I have more than enough people applying for jobs. No more please. Unless you offer youtube services, then I am interested still.
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