WTF! - VPS Company Logging in and Stopping Scrapebox tasks?


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Jan 9, 2014
I've had a couple of VPS connections with a company that allows Scrapebox. Recently however I think the company is logging into my servers and stopping the Scrapebox tasks that I'm running.

Scrapebox does NOT appear to be crashing and the task window seems to close at some point (posting/link checking/etc.). Am I crazy or is there some new bug in Scrapebox that causes the task window to close but keep the main Scrapebox screen open?

How can I see if it's Scrapebox going down or the company I work with logging in and killing my Scrapebox task window because they are unhappy I am using so much BW/server resources? Anyone else running into this problem?
If they are logging in and stopping your scrapebox tasks, that really f*cked up. Move to another company.
Can you not look in the event log to see user logins?
Like others have said if they are, get far far away from them.
Post the name of the company so everyone else is aware of this (if it turns out to be true).
Yeah post the name of the company please.. they deffos should not be logging in and messing around with tasks.
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