WTF is up with Australian .tld

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by mikie46, Aug 29, 2010.

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    What is up with Australia and their domain extension.

    What is this bullshit all about? You have to have an ABN number just to register a domain. WTF ever heard of such a thing? I just want to buy a domain name. Why should it mean that i have to watched, regulated by the Australian Government and report a business name just to register a domain name? Are they insane? Just because i own a it does not mean i am conducting any kind of business, or making money that i need to report, so whats all the fuss about?

    Yet, the will allow spammers into this country, well know spammers i may add, and allow they to declar their domain name and register their business so they can spam the world with millions of emails.

    I never forget that Canadian skier in the last Olympics. He was a MULTI MILLIOIONAIRE, only 25yrs old who migrated to Australia because he was able to legally spam the world with his offers. Here he sits, in Australia spamming millions of people all over the world using a domain name. I couldnt believe it! Did anyone see that guy on TV during the Olympics?
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    Yeah, I have heard of such things. Its fairly common with country code TLD's actually. ccTLD's are controlled by registries who can impose certain restrictions or requirements if they choose to. Some choose to. Compared to some other ccTLD's,'s nexus requirements are actually not that imposing if you know what you're doing.

    There was another thread like this about .CA a day or two ago.