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    As above .. need someone to release some information on to a Google news site with the hope of it gaining traction and helping the economy.

    Im from ireland and its a Export Business Summit, the usual business leaders will be there but there will be a lot of start ups that will try and gain some contacts
    and expertise with a hope to improving their current situations here at home. I have a college friend thats going with his product with a hope to securing business from europe or the far east from this.

    Some of you guys might remember me i used to be a jnr vip member for a while but college etc i had to take a back seat.
    ( i have graduated :D and have now secured an internship with one of the leading Digital Marketing Firms here )

    Basically whats needed i think its a nice segment or article on the expo, if it gets any sort of attention what so ever pubically i can promise a mention to the director with the possiblity of getting a regular slot with something similiar perhaps ??

    I would obviously get the information wrote by the companys journalist, you can keep the adsense if any comes from it and im open to suggestions on ways to pay you back whether cash, Street corner, you name it

    Thanks very much !!