WTB your knowledge, Mentor/Adviser wanted for a short time (2-3 days)

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    Jan 14, 2012
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    I recently purchased 3 domains for unknown reasons (ok, I was a tad drunk, feeling adventurous, and just hungry for that money as usual). Other than knowing how to pay for my domain, I knew basically nothing else. I have a game plan in mind, but thats why I need someone to mentor me for a few days. I don't require direct contact 24 hours a day but I do expect reasonable response times to my questions. We would outline a time frame daily and a response time you could agree on prior to hire. Knowledge is everything here so a resume of your past successful projects or proof of knowledge would be required in some way.

    What I'm looking for during your hire period:

    1. Tell me if the investment would be safe.

    2. Answer questions on how to start off with my idea, webhosting, design, advertisement, affiliates etc.

    3. Be supportive (constructive criticism is welcome) of my questions, and provide thorough responses.

    4. Prepare me for the future prior to your departure. (Things like what to keep updated, what not to forget) Basically a little summary of what to do.

    PM me with your price and resume.

    Your job start's between Wed, Jan 18th and Fri. Jan 20th. Will hire prior to that.
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    What are you going to pay for that on hourly basis?