[WTB] Writer to put articles into spin syntax / Last post may have been in wrong section

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    I'm looking for a writer who can put articles into spin syntax for me. I have tried doing it with software automatically but the end result always looks like it is poorly written and not in correct sentences with poor grammar.

    I always have to go back over them manually and correct them. Right now, I simply don't have time to do this. So I'm looking to hire someone who can take my articles and put them in correct spin syntax for me and send them back to me ready to be spun.

    Here is an example of correct spin syntax for: I'm wanting to hire someone to do this for me.
    {I'm|I am} {wanting to|attempting to|hoping to|trying to} {hire someone|employ someone} {to do this|to accomplish this|to work on this} for me.

    Here is an example of poorly written spin syntax for: I'm wanting to hire someone to do this for me.
    {I'm|I am just|I'm certainly} {wanting to|eager to|desirous to} {hire someone|rely on someone else} {to do this|to take action|in achieving this} {for me|for me personally|in my situation}.

    I am only interested in hiring someone who is a native English speaking person and knows how to structure sentences to make them look like they were written by someone from the USA. Don't waste my time if you can't speak proper English, you will not even be considered.

    If you speak and write English fluently and are interested in this job, message me with your price for 500 word articles and your price for 1000 word articles.
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    Born in the US, and English is my first language. I can't PM though so can you PM me?
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    Hi - I added you on Skype so we can touch-base on this project. Thank you.