WTB Votes for a contest in webpage/keep active sesions

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    Hello i have 3,000 accounts in one website for make votes

    The problem is i only can give 1 vote per day and i need HOURS for in and out of each account

    Ill try to use cookies extension on chrome and i can switch of each profile in just 2 clicks and its great BUT the webpage close the session every 2 hours
    Ill try to edit the cookie of each sesion but still log me out
    Another option for keep me logged in is with facebook account but i dont have 3,000 fb accounts =/

    I need anything for keep my accounts online 24 hours or anything for upload my accounts and make my votes faster

    Another options is anything to create the accounts and vote automatic.....
    For register the website ask name, last name, email, password and captcha, i use fake mails, no one exist and the page for vote is specific url with a picture and vote button

    Need aprox 10,000 votes in 10 days

    Hope to be clear and any one can help me
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    Have just sent you a PM.