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    Hello BHW members,

    I am seeking a freelancer who could write a MS Excel VB macro script for me. The macro to be written involve :
    - concatenated string analysis (up to 10 000 concatenated strings of about 10-50 caracters each, e.g. "iamaconcatenatedstring")
    - querying (multiple times) the dictionnary installed in Excel for each concatenated string
    - writing a simple result in an excel column for each concatenated string

    imho it should not take more than a few hours for a skilled VB developper (but could be a nightmare for a beginner).

    It should run either on Excel 2008 for Mac on Mac OSX snow leopard (4GB Ram) or Excel 2007 for windows XP (2GB Ram).

    The macro should be well written to avoid too much Ram / performance issue.

    The excel version is not in english but it souldn't be an issue.

    I will pay with Paypal.

    PM me your offer + one line or two : references and/or experience.



    PS : I've been working 5 years with outsourced russian developpers so you will get clear specifications of what is expected.
    PPS : it's getting dark here so you will only get a reply to your PM in about 12 hours
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