WTB. Facebook Viral Token Site with Content Locker ( Php or Javascript )

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    Jan 24, 2013
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    hi crase..
    maybe you mean your content is locked and can be opened after click like/share?
    i just built a site with similiar think as you want, i create an fb app to lock it(maybe hide it) so my visitor can get some stuff if their share it first on their fb..your site will posted on their wall and their friends wall too..

    heres how its work:
    i give some freebie to my visitor if they click the download button,they log on their fb acount and share it after that they can download item in thankyou page..you will get absolutely tottaly free traffic from fb..fast and viralizing because the post will show on their wall..everyone can see it if their friends click their will be redirect to your freebie download (not your download page) and going on..going on.. share after share

    pm me if you interested, and ill give you a sample script:ranger:
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