WTB A php coder for a ppd site. (expandable)

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    I'm looking to have a ppd site coded. I'm not looking for a clone, but I will need the basic engine:

    Person A Uploads a file to the site
    Person A receives a link from the site to spread around the internet
    Person B clicks on link to download the file that is advertised
    Person B is directed to a gateway (widget) on the ppd site
    Person B fills out survey and converts
    The file Person A uploaded automatically starts downloading for Person B, in turn Person A gets a predetermined amount of money for that particular survey for 'referring' Person B to fill out and convert a survey.

    I realize I went a bit overboard with the person a person b, I just want to be clear.

    The php coder I'm looking for will need to have an understanding of cpa affiliates and their postback function(s). You will also probably need to have basic knowledge of mysql. Here is a definition of the gateway (widget)

    Gateway Explanation
    Before a download can start, the downloader must complete an offer, which are provided by affiliate companies. Once an offer is completed and converts the affiliate company sends information to your server in a $_POST. In the parameters is all the information you need to change a column in the database to make a download start.

    If you need further explanation or examples, I can provide them via PM.

    I'm possibly looking for someone long term, (it's not required for this job, but it would be nice) I have an open mind as far as payment goes for maintenance and upkeep after completion (bug fixes, addons, etc). Anything from a retainer to being added to payroll. I'm also flexible on my budget, please PM for pricing and details.