(WTB) 2 Articles 250words for University purposes

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    Hello guys.

    I want 2 articles for my University course as I have exams now I don't have time to write.

    So, I need the articles today after 4 hours from now! please who can do it he should consider finishing it today after 4 hours.

    The first article is about:

    Comparing and Contrast 2 things and I want it to be : Compare 2 cities depending in your experiment ( New york) ( Taxes )

    You can say why you loved this country from another? what sorta things that NY has and TX does not have and the oppisit! why I felt comfortable in NY more then Taxes ? You can mention girls are deffirent you can mention about the people in both to cities. talk more about them but please depending on your experement in them both or you can pretend that you lived in both.

    The Second article is about:

    Comparing and Contrast 2 things and I want it to be: Compare (College) with ( High school)

    Again depending on your experiment in them both. you can tell the differences you can mention why you prefare one from another you can mention what are the similarities between them both you can talk about anything that has comparing and contrasting again depending on your experiment don't talk in general talk and write as you are me but with your opinion and thoughts about them 2.

    Please I want a fairly price for them and the writer who is serious to write you can PM me and tell that you are ready for the job with your price for each of them and payment via paypal after i reply and to you.
    You will READY to start Directly.

    Again I will be expecting before or after 4 hours from now.

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    Surely they will catch you out when they see the difference between your quality of writing in the final exam and your assignments?