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Discussion in 'Membership Sites' started by codexehow, May 3, 2014.

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    Yes, I'm going to the dark side. Didn't want to ask this on that forum because their mods are (edited) __not very cool__.

    I don't really want to make all much money from the WSO, nor do I think it will do particurly well. It will be a quality product, though, unlike 99% of what's on there. I would put it on Clickbank instead, but I've never done that before and have no idea how to get affiliates with an unproven account. Seems like it would require more effort than I can afford to put into it right now.

    Anyway, with WF, do I have to put create an OTO and a membership site if I just want to sell a PDF and maybe a few explanatory videos?

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    I recently launched my first WSO, so I have some experience. I would use JVZoo over clickbank because:
    1. free to add your products - you pay a small percentage of the sale
    2. integrates email list building very easy
    3. you can easily add OTO with their visual funnel system

    With regards to the OTO or membership site - I would say no you don't need either. The most basic things you will need:
    home/sales page
    thank you page
    download/video page

    JVZoo can host your pdf so only people who buy your WSO can access it. with regard to the videos, you can put them on a single page and email everyone who purchases your WSO the link to the videos with your autoresponder.

    Also for best video performance, you can use amazon to host and stream your video for free.