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    Hey guys its me again lol. I've been around BHW and just read new methods every now and then. I have a shit load of information in my head about IM but I can't do one thing and that is "Niche research" I just can't find a profitable niche which has low competition.

    Anyway so I decided to finally do something since I need some cash real quick so I'm gonna start with some article writing services to start.

    I need some "work experience" in this area since I did some article writing at DP and got had a negative response from my first client and well ever since then I've kinda lost hope.

    So heres the real deal, I am looking for one person to hire me for some article writing work. I will provide the first 2 articles for free for you to choose whether I am capable or not. If you hire me then I will charge lower then the average price, PLUS I will allow you to pay me only if you like my article which is nice :)

    One condition, I am looking for someone who will pay me and judge me fairly such as if you like my article please pay me. I will only be able to do about 2-3 articles everyday and am looking for ONE long term client.

    Also some bio on me, I am an average A student in English and I'm currently studying year 11. Also I am from Australia. One of my essays was published in a year 11 text book. I have been doing internet marketing for almost a year now and I have made a total of $50 since (lol don't bag me)

    Thanks guys for reading the whole thing lol and I just feel more at home here then at DP since you guys are more kind. Btw that client who gave me a bad response had an issue with my time since I didn't write 25 articles for him in 24 hours. I managed 22 instead and didn't get paid...
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