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    Hello Black Hatters,

    A little about myself:
    I'm an experienced freelance writer who has produced hundreds of pages of written material for a number of different clients covering a diverse range of topics. I create any type of written material which my clients may need and my work is always of the highest quality. I was born, raised and still live in the USA and both speak and write English perfectly. I have worked with individuals and companies on BHW and other sites.

    I write:
    -Press Releases
    -Ebooks & Reports
    -Blog Posts
    and anything else you can think of.

    Here's the deal:
    I'm interested in joining a team or company that could use an excellent writer. To be completely honest, I'd rather spend my time writing than hunting down leads, juggling clients etc. I really believe that I would be a great asset to you and your company.

    It's simple really, you tell me what your clients need, I write it, you pay me my usual rate. You can charge your clients what ever you would like as long as it covers my rate.

    I can handle a heavy work load without a problem and can offer a quick turn around. I do all of my own writing and research and my material is always informed, readable and designed to have a persuasive marketing slant regardless of the aim of the material.

    The Details:
    Due to the quality of my work and the dedication I put into producing only what I deem to be the best quality work I can produce I am not able to write for anything less than $1.00 USD per 100 words (Copy and PRs are different prices dependent upon the client's budget). I understand that this may be a bit higher than some other writers on here but if you understand the importance of the written material your company provides then you will understand why I must charge a bit more. I normally charge twice that much but I am willing to take a pay cut in exchange for the reduced hassle. Like I said before, you can charge your clients whatever you want, as long as you meet my normal rate.

    Please respond in this thread or PM me (Preferred) telling me about yourself and your team or company. I will send you my email addresses and a link to my website, which has samples of my work.

    I'm also willing to provide a free sample (500 words or less) to serious people.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my thread, I look forward to your responses.
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