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    Having a little issue with WPZonBuilder / Amazon API and pricing where Super Saver Shipping is involved.

    Basically, the WPZonBuilder/Amazon API is returning the Lowest New Price (e.g. $280.57), where the main price displayed in Amazon is $302.87 (this is what most customers see straight away). I think it confuses potential customers who see a price different on my site than the Amazon site. (I know they can click XX New from $280.57, but this isn't obvious for most).

    My example product is: hxxp://www.amazon.com/Acer-AO725-0687-Dual-Core-Processor-System-Red/dp/B00AAIC5S2

    I've dug into the Amazon API, and while I see documentation involving Super Saver Shipping, this information isn't returned for the mentioned example product. Boo!

    Q) Has anyone had any experience with this, and can make some suggestions to make the two prices match?
    Q) Is there a way to make Amazon show you the Lowest New Price in the main price field via an affiliate link?

    Thanks! :)
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