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    Hi guys,

    I searched on youtube for a cloaking tool and found this one: /watch?v=NAeErgFwPWY It named "WP Ultimate CLoaker"
    It is really impressive to a noob like me. However, I checked their page to order one, Im not sure I would be happy with their service, based on my personal felling.

    I have read some topics in BHW forum and found WP CLoaker and Wordpress Cloaker, which are both highly recommended by members. My questions are, are these two cloaker have the same functions compare to "WP Ultimate CLoaker", especially Iflame cloaking function? And are both these two cloaker Ip base updated daily? If yes I would be very happy to buy one of them. Are they comes with video turtorial?

    Thank you for reading this, I really need advices from someone who are using these tools!