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    Do you guys think it's essential to use WP? I never liked it and now I've just been putting off using it. But I don't want to hinder myself by doing so.

    SEO wise do you think it has an advantage over say a site made with moon fruit?
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    I am not familiar with Moon Fruit. But I have had this discussion with many people so I am also interested in the responses you get.

    Everyone I talk to about this tells me that WP is better for seo. but no one seems to know why, or why people think that. (This assumes that you know enough obout the platform to effectively do your on page SEO. The same holds true of any platform you use, including HTML/CSS.)

    I have sites in both, and I really see no difference. WP is much more server intensive, and generally you are at the mercy of theme designers as for what your page looks like. To me WP is restrictive, difficult to figure out where things are that you want to change, and it will sometimes do things that just do not make sense.

    HTML is easy, you have full freedom, and it uses less resources, BUT I know how to code in HTML ( and I have a few editors I use) a lot better than I know WordPress, so that makes perfect sense. Someone skilled in WordPress moving into HTML will probably find it difficult and confusing, especially when you toss in CSS style sheets.

    It is not essential to use wordpress. For almost anyone it is far easier to build a wordpress site than an HTML site. If you build for clients, wordpress is much easier for them to learn to add content themselves, many times this is the last thing you want a customer to do to a site you have optimized. They never add content in HTML, they will call you.

    In SEO, I see no big difference, but I have seen this effect, and because of this I use HTML on my adsense sites.

    By far the most effective ad type I have found for my adsense sites is the big rectangle right smack dab in the middle of the page, under the header and top navigation, with at least 2/3 of it visible above the fold. This ad position out performs every ad position I tried. Yes it defaces the site's asthetics, but I can pull $15 days from this site on occasion, and no other ad design has ever produced more than $4, so ugly doesn't bother me. People seem to accept the fact that it is an ad block without a problem.

    It is almost impossible to find a WP theme that you can do this with. Adsense in the side bar is a poor performer for the sites I have tested it on, people are blind to it somehow.

    Premium marketing themes are expensive and come with their own learning curve and restrictions, whereas I can sit down and build whatever I want in HTML anytime.

    Because of all the certainty in the webmaster world about the benefits of WP, I have embraced it, and after you get a good mock up, it is very easy to clone an installation from your mockup to your customers hosting and tweak it for that customer.

    Where WP really shines in with themes and plugins. You can revamp the entire look of a site or add functionality literally with the click of a button. This keeps the appearence looking fresh. A WP installation build in 2005 can be updated by changing the theme to reflect current aesthetics in about 60 seconds. Even iif you have a little cleanup tweaking, its usually not much. This is not the case with an HTML site, unless you really know your CSS, and even then it is not the click of a button.

    I also do landing pages in HTML, its just easier.
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    I like Wp...because good for seo...and many plugins can install on wp
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    WP gives More freedom. It gives more seo features. So start learning it . Its also easy one
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