WP video player with title and custom thumbnail?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by nobody00, Jan 13, 2016.

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    May 21, 2011
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    I need a video player with the video file hosted on my server or on a hosting site that is not youtube,dailymotion or vimeo because this sites delete my videos/accounts. Or a video hosting site that has the ability to add titles and custom thumbnails and that does not delete videos/accounts.

    Plugins I tried that either didn't had the option to add title and custom thumbnail, had bugs or didn't worked plain and simple:
    - Flowplayer 6 Video Player
    - Flowplayer HTML5 for WordPress
    - FV WordPress Flowplayer
    - JW Player Plugin- KVS Player
    - LidPlay Player

    The only one that came close to what i need was JW Player 7 for Wordpress and i planned to buy it but then i found its horrible gradient shadow http://i.imgur.com/maQG4n1.png, that shadow covers important information on my thumbnails and i can't have that. I contacted the admin and he can't do anything about it because he is not the creator of jwplayer, his plugin just imports the player into wordpress.

    I'm struggling with this problem for a few days now, it starts to drive me crazy. I would appreciate any suggestions, free or paid plugins. Thanks
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    Check out simple video pro. Works with Amazon s3 and YT.

    tons of features and it about to get a big update.