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    I need a WordPress theme that will allow me to import a spreadsheet. Maybe a plugin could accomplish this. There will be about 6 or 7 columns and as many as 200 rows.

    It does not have to be beautiful. It needs to be functional. Legible. Accessible.

    Nothing is being done to promote this site. It sells excessive power coating from the clients shop to other powder coaters in the area. Other powder coaters buy the excess and the client gets paid, they get the powder the same day and don't have to buy minimum quantities, and my client doesn't have to store it.

    Powder salesmen go to this site to help out smaller shops. Sometimes you need two pounds of powder to coat a bike and the manufacturers minimum is 25 pounds.

    The information changes frequently and I need to find a better way to update this than cutting and pasting a SS into XSite Pro and uploading it.

    If I could find a way to upload the spread sheet after I modify it to reflect current inventory I would be happy. Maybe there is a way to just upload the SS from Excel to the site without all the cutting and pasting. That would be ideal. This client doesn't know about web sites and doesn't want to learn.
    So the easier the updating is the better.

    Thank you for your consideration

    Please don't restrict yourself to only the two ideas discussed. If you have a better idea that accomplishes the task I would love to hear it.
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