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Jan 4, 2010
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Can anyone recommend a plugin to post my blog posts to my fan page or a group wall? From what I've found on google it appears i need to do a few things like run it through ping.fm. Surely some bright spark has created a nice little plugin?

I use RSS Graffiti.
It grabs your feed and post it to your page/wall.
That's to the page/wall, does that work for groups and fan pages as well?

Will have a look too, thanks
I have several FanPages tied to autblogs and the RSS Graffiti app on FB is great!
social stats,
network publisher

they can update multiple adresses, just have problem with thumbnails and snippets, but since I have good headlines, I have nice CTR on my posts....

good way to boost autoblog traffic, and likebox too boot
Links Alpha = Social Stats... They are charging on monthly basis if you publish on too many pages, there is some limit on how many social networking sites/fanpages you can post... :(
I'm using RSS Graffit with FB and it's working great!
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