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    Well guys I have got some questions regarding wp robot!! I just want to build an autoblog which will make the visitors watch online movies and all that(similar to blackhat wordpress being sold here) and for that according to my knowledge i need wp robot as it can help me with autoblogging stuff and some sites similar to my autoblog with rss feeds. Well i have searched for a while and i have found another site which has got these rss feeds thing and iam planning to buy wp robot soon. So now my quesns are
    which other plugins should i buy other than wp robot??
    The site i have seen already has got some 8k movies in it. So do i need to add these posts all by myself or does wp robot copies them for me??if the copying can be done by any other plugin which plugin is that??
    Also wp robot just works on wordpress.com or can it be used on wordpress.org blogs also??
    Btw is my assumption correct that i can use wp robot for creating video sites also or is there any other plugin that can do the thing ??
    Waiting for replies frm the gurus out there
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