WOW! I pissed Kevin from NWT so much!

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    If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself
    Hello everyone,
    About a month ago I shared a simple traffic tactic which I used only for getting some Alexa rankings and it worked very well for me. The thread is at;
    Yes I know it doesn't count on AdSense or any other thing but thanks to those useless Traffic sites of NWT I got good rankings at Alexa. (From 12millions to 500k)

    Of course I used a fake mail address, fake name just as comment spamming but now I have spammed those sites to death.

    He was charging like $5.95 for 6000 points (or something like that) and I was getting more than 60000 points in a day.

    At last Kevin sent me an e-mail that he complained about my HTML page to the Free Web Host company.

    What he sent is;
    Get a life and leave my sites alone. Go smoke more hash terrorist and wish for a life in a real country which you or your people will never know. LOL You will never make a penny online because you have no intelligence whatsoever.
    I will be passing this link around along
    I am so sorry Kevin. I spammed the hell out of your poor traffic venture with more than 10 sites to death I know. But I have many other accounts and still getting traffic for Alexa.

    Yes I could not get any money really. All I got is $130 in 30 days...