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    Hello everyone hope all is well. This is not an official Affiliate offer but rather I wanted to gauge interest levels from Affiliates about a POTENTIAL Affiliate offer. You see I do not want to spend the money on coding in Affiliate tracking software if there is little to no Affiliate interest.

    My site is called Live Resell, and it allows users to purchase and then resell photo images to each other for a profit, all within a ten minute period. The patent behind my site is that the demand for purchasing pictures is always skewed so that the reseller stands a greater chance of doubling his money. In other words, when a user goes to resell a photo, there will be anywhere from 25 - 45 people looking to buy that photo so that they too can resell it.

    Live Resell charges a 7% transaction fee for every photo that is sold, and there are different price classes of photos. As a possible affiliate, you would get 3.5% of every transaction that comes from your leads. The site has a free Demo for users to try out at Live Resell http://liveresell.com

    The purpose of this post is to see if any Affiliates would be extremely interested in promoting Live Resell. I have to let you know right now that Live Resell does not work with credit cards, it works with Dwolla. This means that only USA residents can use the site and that there is a brief waiting period to get a Dwolla account setup with funds in it. If anyone might be interested, please drop me a message or leave a message in this thread. If I get enough interest from Affiliates, then I will go ahead and pay to have some sort of Affiliate tracking code/program coded in.

    Thanks for your time!
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    I Would like to Promote it if i get Pay Per Signup
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    Post in an appropriate section of the forum if you want to look like you can be trusted.

    Unless the photos or pictures were made by the people selling them, you're in for a world of hurt when the photographers/artists take notice.

    lol the url looks like Liver E-sell, which makes it disturbing
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    I curiously clicked the link because I thought it was LiverSell.com lol