Would you be interested in a mass-PM service?

Would you be interested in a mass-PM service?

  • Yes, I'd definitely use it!

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  • No, would be useless!

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  • I don't know, depends on the quality and price

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Oct 15, 2007
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Hi there, I just thought about starting a service where you pay for an amount of PMs like $1 for 100 or so and you can send them right away.
Everythinig would be handled on my server so you wouldn't need anything except the forum you want to post to and the url. You'd have a webinterface where you can manage your campaigns and see your detailed stats.

I'd add support vor vBulletin and phpBB at the beginning but could add more if you'd wish. I'd also add the features you want but I first like to know if somebody would be interested in something like that.

Please leave feedback.
I'd probably be interested in it, but if I'd do more than $1 worth would really depend on the success of the first purchase.
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