Would this method work?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by bwlane, Apr 14, 2015.

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    I want to try something new. My main account recently got follow blocked so I'm just going to abandon it and make a new account (only had 2,000 followers). But I've decided that I don't want to bot anymore on my main accounts (I put too much work into the photos and connection with followers to risk it). My thought is to run the bot on one throwaway account at a time. The account would be private and have just a few photos, but the bio would say something like "enjoy the free follow but don't follow back here, follow "mainaccount". I would abandon each account and move onto a new throwaway one once it hits 7500 follows. Would I need proxies to make this method work? Would this method be pretty safe for my main account?
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    Honestly this isn't going to work, i wouldnt expect more than 10 followers a day.

    Now if you had 1000 accounts doing this, you could obviously gain 1000x that.

    Everything is about scaling.

    I would advise posting an engaging picture of your account on these sub-accounts (shoutout) and like tons of pictures drawing people in to like your only picture that links to your main. But again, it's pretty much pointless with only 1 account doing this.
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    @OP, since you're using throwaway accounts you should buy proxies.

    If IG bans one account, it wouldn't have a problem banning another account with the same IP.