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Would This Be Possible?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by HelloInsomnia, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. HelloInsomnia

    HelloInsomnia Jr. Executive VIP Jr. VIP

    Mar 1, 2009
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    I went to google trends today and noticed college football searches are off the charts and taking over which makes sense because today was the kickoff (no pun intended) of the college football season.

    I'm not very good with SEO but I am trying to learn and I figure this would be a great opportunity for me to try some things out. If I made a bunch of blogger blogs and promoted them using article marketing would I be able to get indexed and rank for keywords quickly or does it always take months to move up in serps? Would I be able to create a linkwheel quickly enough to help with ranking for my keywords? I know these are very noobish questions but I have been trying to learn as much SEO over the last 24 hours as possible so my brain is a bit overloaded at the moment and I just need this clarification.
  2. joomador

    joomador Registered Member

    Aug 26, 2009
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    A user here on BHF wrote this:

    If you need to get a new site indexed quickly just submit your site to Jumptags. Your site should be on the front page of Jumptags which Google will spider. I have had sites indexed in under three hours.

  3. barcodeunit

    barcodeunit Junior Member

    Feb 21, 2009
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    i think he means he wants to rank somewhere respectively quickly.. like page 2 or 3..