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Would like some advice on blackhat, google and subdomains.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by SparkyBlue, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. SparkyBlue

    SparkyBlue Regular Member

    Sep 17, 2009
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    Australia baby!
    Hey all.

    First time I've started a thread, it was going to be a aff link whore-off but I changed my mind at the last sec and decided to ask a quesiton instead...

    ...and it is this.

    I had an idea about have a domain, for example "ideas.com" or whatevs. Then spawning off X amount of sub domains with different landing/sell pages from affs, CU, clickbank and so on and so forth.


    blahblah.ideas.com (CU flog)

    blahblahblah.ideas.com (aff flog)

    blahblahblah.ideas.com (CB flog)

    and so on.

    The question is this.

    How does SEO affect each of these as they are created? Would the common tactics touted on here (ping/article sub/digg/reddit/etc.) have the same effect of each subdomain as they popped up!? Alternatively, do these generally get sandboxed and then at the same time new subdomains
    I'm making under it would be boxed as well?

    Just wondering really what the general thought on this would be? Figured I could make the main domain linked to quite a few of the subdomains, have a lot of them all tied in together. Don't know where it'd really go but it's just an idea that popped up.

    I'm thinking of giving it a crack anyway but I figured I'd ask the learned sages of BHW as well.

    Thanks in advance (even if you cuss at me. i love it all) :D